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Challenge #2 - who_mix
Challenge #2
Challenge #1, Speechless, is now over! We had two entries, listed below. Maybe we'll get a few more this time!

That's Captain Jack Harkness (EP) - Jack Harkness - by theaeblackthorn 
Just Make Believe (EP) - Fifth Doctor - by sparking_off 

You can of course find all of these by clicking the challenge: #1 tag.

Challenge #2: Disney
Any character, any pairing, any theme - using just music from Disney! This includes musical versions such as The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, etc.
2) Either a full mix or an EP is acceptable - format rules as per usual. Remember that all posts with downloadable content must be locked!
3) If you respond to this challenge, please use the 'challenge: #2' tag.

Challenge ends:
Thursday 4th March

Enjoy and have fun!

Your mods,
sparking_off  and etmuse

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